In today’s world of technology,  both home owners and buyers have a wealth of real estate knowledge at their fingertips. You can trust that decades of experience enables me to best interpret this information for you in this challenging economy.

Methodical research and interpretation of current and historical city and community statistics give us a broader idea of a property’s value. However every home is unique and the positive attributes can add significant value. Location, home and lot size, renovations and repairs, landscaping, curb appeal, additional buildings|garage all need to be factored in when choose a list price. 
There are also features that can detract from a home’s value. However, more often than not there is a way to turn this negative into a positive. Once I’ve viewed your home we can see how to enhance both the exterior and interior to attract the best offer possible in the current economy.

I’d love to view your home even before you decide to put your house on the market. So many renovation decisions affect the saleability and value of your home. I can offer a free consultation after visiting your home so that your investment and time spent making upgrades adds real value when it is finally time to sell.